The farm the Agliuledda is located in the heart of Gallura (Gaddhùra) located at 29 km from Olbia, 33 Km from the Costa Smeralda and 23 Km from the sea in Cannigione, 30 km from Palau where you can imnbarcare on the ferry that will land on ' La Maddalena island and from there up to Caprera. The farm is adjacent to the Agliuledda village of Sant'Antonio di Gallura, a small town located on a hill 357 meters above sea level and surrounded by deep valleys and forests of oak, its territory along the artificial basin of Lake Liscia, proceeds from a dam in reinforced concrete beam of the river Liscia (hence the name of the lake).
The summer can be admired throughout the basin with excursions along the coast or sightseeing boat. At 2 km there is the train station of Saint Anthony, now out of use, in which, however the summer you can take the railway line up to Palau with Elsa the Green Train, the coal-fired locomotive that will take you back through the years.
The farm the Agliuledda is the core of an area where you can see many archaeological residues as the Tomb of the Giants and the Prisgjona in the neighboring town of Arzachena. An unmissable excursion is the visit of Olivastri millennial town adjacent to Luras.
A stay in the Farmhouse the Agliuledda offers our guests the chance to experience the culture and traditions of Gallura, or as you enjoy a holiday dedicated to detoxifying rest as well from everyday stress.



Via G. Marconi, 4
07030 Sant'Antonio di Gallura
Tel. 079 669405
Cell. 360 446421 


Coach (Departures)

S. Antonio   Cannigione 07:46  
S. Antonio Calangianus   14:35
S. Antonio  Olbia 07,10 - 14.10
S. Antonio  Olbia 18,50

Useful numbers

Emergency medical Service 079 669277
Surgery 079 669440
Pharmacy 079 669051
Croce Bianca 3402718136
Carabinieri  079660822

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