"Hello, my name is Peter, I dedicate myself to the care of my land and my animals with passion, because that's how I feel satisfied, graduated as an accountant and despite having practiced my profession for several years at notary offices, the desire to freedom and nature has sopravalso to the job that I started, giving me such a free spirit who now fulfills me, and that is why we are happy to welcome so many new people and old friends, offering the hospitality that distinguishes the Sardinian people ".



Via G. Marconi, 4
07030 Sant'Antonio di Gallura
Tel. 079 669405
Cell. 360 446421 


Coach (Departures)

S. Antonio   Cannigione 07:46  
S. Antonio Calangianus   14:35
S. Antonio  Olbia 07,10 - 14.10
S. Antonio  Olbia 18,50

Useful numbers

Emergency medical Service 079 669277
Surgery 079 669440
Pharmacy 079 669051
Croce Bianca 3402718136
Carabinieri  079660822

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